Our Pricing plans

Price includes everything you need to start Surfing.

On-site Installation cost -
For a double storey home add -
4 port wireless router(warranty info) -
Relocation fee -
Ultra Fast Wireless Plans.
Uploads are not counted as data.
We provide in home setup, internet and email.
You are free to change your plans at any time.

Speedweb does not limit or shape your connection, our network is designed to run at its full potential at all times.

Plan downloads listed below represent Peak/Off-Peak. eg. 10,000 Peak / 20,000 Off Peak

Estimated Usage Guide:
1GB of Download typically accounts for usage such as:
Listening to 1000 minutes of Audio (128kbit MP3 encoding)
Viewing one hour of YouTube 480p video
Browsing Facebook for five hours
A two hour Skype video call

A: 25,000/25,000MB B: 50,000/50,000MB C: 100,000/unlimited D: 500,000/unlimited E: Unlimited
$34.95 $44.95 $54.95 $69.95 $79.95
Unit Cost of 1gb: $1.40/$1.40 Unit Cost of 1gb: $0.90/$0.90 Unit Cost of 1gb: $0.55/$0.00 Unit Cost of 1gb: $0.14/$0.00

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* only available in some areas

Excess Data: Charged at $10.00 per Gigabyte

SpeedWeb offers two spend management tools to keep track of your usage. You’ll receive usage notifications to your email box when you hit 50%, 85%, and 100% of your monthly usage allowance. These notifications may be delayed by upto 1 hour. You can also monitor your usage in real-time by visiting SpeedWeb.com.au from your web browser where you’ll see a usage meter appear at the top-right of the page.

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#Off Peak - For use between 12am and 12pm only.